CFI Recognizes results with Hundreds of Thousands in Cash and Prizes Paid out to Our Independent Business Owners


We are extremely excited about this exotic motors program. The chance to get your own Dream Vehicle paid for through our CFI Motors Program. We thought it would be the perfect incentive to offer you, and our other IBOs here at CFI for making regular, steady sales.

Getting your own dream vehicle is not hard at all. It’s based on a points system and depending on how you’re positioned in CFI, you can get your own dream vehicle with just a couple of sales each month.


Introducing Our New 8 Figure Club Award
$60,000 Diamond Encrusted Gold Rolex Watch

In Crypto Forex Institute (CFI) , we have what we call CFI 8 Figure Club Rolex Program. When you do over $10 million in commission, we will actually reward you with a 24 Carat Gold $60,000 Diamond Encrusted Gold Watch. Getting into CFI 8 Figure Club is not easy but it’s possible and it’s do-able and it’s truly magnificent